Kirsten sets example for Gibbs

While Herschelle Gibbs contemplates his future and undergoes ‘maturity therapy’ to cure his errant ways, he need look no further than opening partner Gary Kirsten for the perfect example of the ‘sensible’ option.

Kirsten recently sat three exams as part of his Bcom degree in economics and business management and continues to keep a steely eye on the future as his cricketing career begins to see it’s twilight years.

“You don’t play this game forever,” Kirsten says with a smile. “In three or four years time I will have retired from every level of the game and the second half of my life (without cricket) will be a lot longer than the first half…hopefully!

“I’ll always love the game and so I hope I’ll stay involved, maybe with coaching, or in some other capacity, but I’d hate to be in a situation where I was relying on that kind of position.

“It’s important, I believe, to have qualifications and interests outside the game. I might never go into the business world full-time but, at the very least, I’m able to look after my own affairs and manage my business portfolio,” Kirsten said (from the golf course!).

South Africa’s most capped Test player will be spending the next fortnight on holiday in England and France with wife Deborah as part of his ‘winding down’ process in the off-season and will return to South Africa nearly a week after his exam results are released by Unisa.

“Hopefully they went well,” a confident sounding Kirsten said. “I’m not too worried.” His opening partner, however, may not be enjoying quite the same peace of mind.

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