Gibbs ‘punishment’ causes much debate

It is not often that a sporting controversy causes such widespread debate amongst a nation’s population. The rest of the cricketing world is also talking about the UCB’s handling of Herschelle Gibbs, but they are sniggering. More of that later.

I received some criticism after my last column in which I said that banning Gibbs and keeping him off the cricket field would serve no purpose.

I was perceived to be advocating leniency, which I was not. I greatly respect the anger and frustration felt by many people at the ‘special’ treatment that appears to be saved for Gibbs.

Perhaps we can consider another example. When a child misbehaves at primary school, he may be punished once, twice or three times. If the punishments appear to have no effect, then the parents of the child may be consulted and instead of punishment an attempt to assist the child in comprehending the effects of his actions may be attempted.

The same happens in senior school where errant children are punished first and then persistent offenders are offered counselling where punishment appears to have no effect.

Of course, expulsion is the last resort from school and, for the benefit and well being of the other pupils, expulsion is the correct procedure after all else has failed.

Herschelle Gibbs clearly has never comprehended the importance of his leadership as a role model. He has, in fact, failed to even accept that people WILL and DO look to him for leadership simply because of who he is within the sporting world.

Gibbs has been fined and reprimanded, privately and publicly, nearly a dozen times in his sporting career and he has been suspended. They are ‘normal’ punishments for errant sportsmen. Most sportsmen respond to them and learn their lessons. Gibbs has not.

Now is the time to try and teach him in a different way. If that does not work then there is expulsion.

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