Zimbos in town – Bloemfontein, 1st October 2018

There is something quite peaceful about an international venue 48 hours before it hosts an international fixture, especially one of the smaller venues. The administrators and ground staff are quietly pottering about their business in the knowledge that ‘the world’ will start descending on them the following day.

It’s the last few hours of relative peace and quiet before they have to start worrying about television rigging, press conferences and VIP suites. The Mangaung Oval was bathed in warm sunshine today as the Free State Cricket Union prepared to host the second ODI against Zimbabwe.

It’s hardly an event to ruffle the sporting schedule on a global scale but it is another opportunity for the region to prove its mettle as a host. And yet, right next door, in full view, is the Free State rugby stadium – I think it’s officially called the Toyota Stadium now. It towers over the Mangaung Oval in every way. [continue reading here]


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