Question to Hansie fans

Neil Manthorp – 20/10/2000

No conjecture or thought today, just a question – and a simple one at that. To all those who feel the UCB’s intention to ban Hansie Cronje from the game is unfair, please answer this: Which part of “sever my connections with the game” don’t you understand?

In his prepared statement, read live to the nation on his first day at the King Commission, Cronje included this sentence as high as paragraph four (out of 70, no less).

“I have also decided to sever my connections with the game and I will not again play cricket at representative level.” Seems pretty clear to most people with the ability to read English.

The United Cricket Board, through it’s president Percy Sonn, is simply attempting – for the sake of completeness and clarity – to formalise Cronje’s understandable decision to withdraw from the game. Perfectly reasonable, I would have thought.

Any answers? Or has Hansie decided that his decision was a bit hasty, and that he’d like to play again after all?


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