Question about AB from Jurie

Jurie asks:

Why hasn’t AB played the last two games for the Titans? Seems like more picking and choosing once again!


Hi Jurie – I think you’re being very harsh, there! Have a look at the Titans squad, it’s ridiculous. It looks like a Proteas training camp, never mind all the former national under-19 players. They have to give them some game time. I know this isn’t an exact comparison, but Paul Pogba doesn’t play every game for Manchester United. And frankly, irrespective of cricket reasons, if my best player was father to a couple of toddlers then I would also ‘drop’ him for away trips to East London and Durban for games that were irrelevant. If that makes my best player happy then he is more likely to perform in the big games that do matter. I honestly don’t think it was AB’s decision. I believe the Titans are picking and choosing on his behalf.

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