Gibbs set to tell ‘all’

Graeme Hick set the modern day benchmark for premature biographies when the talented Zimbabwean Englishman released a book (that he contributed very little to) when he was just 24. That was a decade ago.

Paul Adams, however, smashed that record a couple of years ago with a hastily issued paperback to record his life story and his achievements. That was 1996, the year after Gogga made his international debut. He was 19.

So no one should be surprised that Herschelle Gibbs is embarking on a book in conjunction with my good friend and colleague, Colin Bryden, cricket writer for the Sunday Times.

There is, without doubt, a great deal of colour in the life and times and Herschelle Herman Gibbs.

The problem, it seems to me, is twofold. First, surely the story still has too far to run? How can you start summing up the Herschelle Gibbs story now? What about the next World Cup, not to mention the fact that he might still play another six or seven years of Test cricket?

The second problem is even simpler – how on earth is he going to be able to shed any light on any of the more, err, exotic moments in his cricketing life? The UCB, who hold Gibbs’ contract, control his public mutterings with all the levity of an East German border guard during the Cold War.

So Herschelle, tell us what really happened during the dope-smoking party in Antigua. No, I don’t think so. OK, how about the on-tour disciplinary hearings in which you have been fined so often? Ummm, no, sorry. The late nights in downtown bars before international matches. No, sorry.

There is nothing wrong with making money – as long as you are a capitalist, but the Herschelle Gibbs life story, at this stage of his life (and while he is still under contract) seems a pretty thinly veiled attempt to make some easy money.

I hope I’m wrong because the ‘real’ story should be riveting reading.

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