Gibbs keeps secret weapon secret

Herschelle Gibbs has turned over more leaves than a south-easter on an autumn day but now, perhaps, there is someone else responsible for the brilliant form and affable, mature approach to life. And it isn’t Morne du Plessis.

On the morning of the second Test against India Herschelle had breakfast with a charming, beautiful lady. When he had finished she kissed him on the cheek and said casually: “Good luck…see you later.”

No fanfair or fuss, no celebrity treatment. Just like many other lucky couples who share breakfast at home before going to work. Except they were in a hotel.

Herschelle Gibbs has met a ‘new lady’ and some people are saying she is ‘it’. The relationship started about two months ago and has gone from strength to strength.

One of Herschelle’s mentors, Dave Richardson, replied to the question: “What is the single biggest factor that has contributed to Herschelle’s rise to World XI status and to his humorous, balanced approach to life?”

“A new girlfriend…” said Richardson with a broad grin on his face but also a twinkle in his eye that said “I’m only half joking.”

Gibbs has asked for the identity of his new partner not to be made public at this stage, and no request could be more happily granted. If she is ‘the one’ then she will spend many hours under the gaze of television cameras and will forever be “Herschelle’s girl.” Long may her days of anonymity live before they end.

In the meantime, apart from doing our best not to intrude, the rest of us can only hope she continues to have such a profoundly positive effect on her boyfriend’s cricket. Good on you, Miss X.

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