Exciting times for SA Cricket

Rarely in the last decade and a half have times been so exciting for South African Cricket. Not since the Krish Mackerdhuj led the way towards unification in the early 90s has there been so much potential for growth.

The current situation, with legal action awash, is akin to a sink of dirty dishwater swirling to its end. The whole thing disappears down the sink hole, or someone sticks the plug in the hole and says ‘enough’.

There are no signs that the latter will happen. Leadership appears to be done on an appointment basis rather than merit basis. The overall good of the game, its players and other stakeholders has been set aside for at least two years for the sake of the interests of individuals.

But now that a High Court judgement has ruled in favour of a motion against CSA, including all costs, the wheels of motion have been set in action to resolve the embarrassing mess the game’s administrators have got themselves into.

A statement from CSA declared that its accounts had been audited by Deloitte & Touche. Full stop. End of story. Except that Deloitte’s only ‘signed off’ on  the accounts on the condition that an independent investigation was conducted. Which it wasn’t.

It really is simple. Either CSA and its senior officials made some errors of judgement (for which they might apologise) or they made some more serious mistakes. For which they will be judged by the appropriate authorities.

Either way, the end is nigh. If they have erred, and continue to prevent disclosure on their errors, then it will be messy. Filthy, dirty and messy. Nasty.

If they open up their procedures and declare their ways, errors or not, then it will almost certainly be a lot less grubby and embarrassing.

But we are nearing the end either way. And Cricket South Africa can look forward to a brighter future. We have four months without international cricket during which time all the dirty laundry, and laundering, can be hung out to dry. With luck nobody will take any notice. But you can’t be sure.

Let’s see who amongst our leaders care more for the game than themselves.

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