England in the Caribbean – 16th February 2019

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally there really is a day off. A full day off, completely.

On such days, mostly, it becomes important to do one of two things: As much as possible – or nothing at all. Or a combination of both.

The ‘Cool Runnings’ Catamaran does a pretty simple thing. Drinks, snacks and lunch, snorkelling with turtles and old wreck, and a thrilling sail down the west coast of Barbados. It’s $100 a ticket so they make their money by serving as much cheap rum as possible. But the snorkels and masks are good quality. It was a fine trip, and the fish, salad and bread rolls were excellent.

Just when it seems certain you have escaped the cricket tour, with young Americans whooping about the flying fish, you sit next to a man who was a childhood hero. England left-arm seamer John Lever is in excellent form just a week before his 70th birthday, and remains busy in the cricket hosting business. Conversation, to mutual relief, did not relate to the current tour. Far more important was the temperature of the water, and of the cheap but pleasant Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

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