England in Sri Lanka – 17th October 2018

Yet more rain. The monsoon season is supposed to be over, but seasons are fickle. The days move from hot and sunny, clear skies, to torrential downpours within half an hour.

At least it starts with a breakfast which is a delight. Described as ‘Full English” on the menu, it comes with a couple of twists. Starting with the fruit platter. Haven’t had many of these to kick of a Full English… and the large portion of salad which accompanied the eggs, bacon and sausage was also an outlier. Good, though. Excellent.


Despite the dried fish photo from Dambulla last week and today’s look at the fresh fish market on the outskirts of Kandy, I’m not a fish freak. But they are usually a good pointer towards the city’s infrastructure and provide a pointer towards how much care may be required when dining out. These guys all had clear eyes and passed the slime test. Confidence intact.

For those who like their fish even fresher, there were several fresh-water fishermen pulling some extremely well sized guys out of the Mahaweli River. They looked a bit like carp to me, but then I can’t tell the difference between a Corolla and a carp so make your own mind up.

In many ways it was the perfect day for exploring – officially or unofficially. Either you take a guide and find your way around a Temple, or you just walk and see where destiny takes you. There are highlights and occasionally low-lights, but mostly the former. It doesn’t take much for a highlight. Today it was discovering what what was causing an even greater traffic jam than usual on Kandy’s narrow, cramped streets. And she was completely oblivious.

For the remainder of the afternoon it was time to relax and watch Pakistan recover in fine fashion against Australia in Abu Dhabi.

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