England in Caribbean – 28th February 2019

During our on-air cricketing discussions while Monday’s ODI was being wretchedly washed out David Lloyd reminded listeners that “back in the day” during England’s domestic, 40-over Sunday League, bowlers were limited to a 15-yard run-up. It was an excellent reminder of the extent to which administrators were prepared to go to speed the game up.

Why not reinvent it? Today’s professionals would no doubt have plenty to say on the subject – careers at stake, extra workload etc – but back in the 1980s the fast bowlers actually enjoyed the reduced stress on their bodies – and they had a ready-made excuse if they were hammered out of the park. (Which they often were anyway, when Sunday League cricket started, as it was treated as a bit of a joke on what used to be a day-off between ‘proper’ cricket matches.

Resilience is to be admired in any endeavour – even sunbathing. A charming lady from Denmark, whom I met at breakfast (she insisted on trying the local favourite, ‘saltfish’) said she was here for six days of UN work but that she was going to maximise every moment she had to enjoy the sunshine and “get some vitamins into my skin.”

It rained, on and off, for much of the morning but there were spells of hot sunshine in between. A small umbrella was all she needed to stay put on the beach.

By late afternoon and evening all was right again, the weather had returned to normal and it was time to focus on the fourth ODI.

(Which has now been completed – WOW, what a game. I’ll have more on that later… the above entry fell foul of WiFi connectivity…or something.)


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